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Elementary Grade Teacher (51)

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TitleElementary Grade Teacher
Posting ID51

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Major Responsibilities: 


Duties of this job include, but are not limited to:


  • Teaches reading, language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, art, Islamic education, and technology to students in a classroom, utilizing course of study adopted by the school, and other appropriate learning activities.
  • Instructs students in citizenship and basic subject matter.
  • Develops lesson plans and instructional materials and provides individualized and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each student.
  • Uses a variety of instruction strategies, such as inquiry, group discussion, lecture, discovery, etc.
  • Translates lesson plans into learning experiences so as to best utilize the available time for instruction.
  • Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed to achieve a functional learning atmosphere in the classroom.
  • Evaluates students’ academic and social growth, keeps appropriate records and prepares progress reports.
  • Communicates with parents through conferences and other means to discuss students’ progress and interpret the school program.
  • Identifies student needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping students solve health, attitude, and learning problems.
  • Creates an effective environment for learning through functional and attractive displays, bulletin boards, and interest centers.
  • Selects and requisitions books and instructional aids; maintains required inventory records.




  • Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree of related subject from an accredited university
  • Valid Standard Teacher Certification with required endorsements for subject/level assigned
  • Experience: At least one year of student teaching or approved internship


Special Knowledge/Skills:


  • Knowledge of subjects assigned
  • General knowledge of curriculum and instruction
  • Willingness to execute a written employment contract with ISI


Professional Growth and Development


  • Attend and participate in staff meetings, committee meetings, and work sessions as required by the principal.
  • Exhibit professional judgment and responsibility at all times.
  • Demonstrate behavior that is professional, ethical, and responsible.
  • Promote professional improvement through reading educational journals and books, exploring educational research, enrolling in college courses, participating in staff development activities, and membership in professional organizations.
  • Follow all rules, regulations, and policies approved by the Board of Directors and follow directives from superiors.
  • Follow the attendance policy as assigned by the supervisor.
  • Perform other functions that may be assigned by the Administration and/or supervisor.
  • Participates cooperatively with the appropriate administrator to develop the method by which the teacher will be evaluated in conformance with guidelines.
  • Participates in curriculum development programs as required.


Policy Implementation

  • Uphold and enforce school rules, administrative regulations, board policies, and present subject matter according to established guidelines.
  • Keep informed of and comply with state, district, and school regulations and policies for classroom teachers.
  • Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents required.
  • Attend and participate in faculty meetings and serve on staff committees as required.
  • Arrive to school on time, either 7:30 am to 3:30 pm or 7:45 am to 3:45 pm depending on the morning duties 


Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Supervises assigned teacher aide(s).
  • Supervises students in out-of-classroom activities during the school day.
  • Administers group standardized tests in accordance with the state testing program.


Working Conditions:

  • Ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written); ability to instruct; interpret policy and maintain emotional control under stress.
  • The Administration and/or supervisor has the right to add or change duties at any time.
  • This job description supersedes all prior job descriptions for this position as well as rescinding all past and present job descriptions that do not reflect the current requirements of this position.
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year

Applications Accepted

Start Date02/25/2022