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TitleVice Principal
Posting ID106

Vice Principal General Job Description


Reports directly to the Principal

Working Hours: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM


Qualifications and skills: 

    • Relevant credentials in teaching and school administration, preferably a doctorate or master’s degree of bachelor's in education, curriculum and instructions.
    • Relevant experience in the US teaching 3+ years 
    • Administration - a minimum of 3-5 years' experience
    • Exceptional skills in conversation and writing
    • Experience in finance and technology proficiency
    • Eligibility to work/permanent residency or US citizen


  • Previous experience in an educational institution is a plus


General Duties:

  • Assumes instructional and administrative supervision on behalf of or in the absence of the Principal.
  • At the discretion of the Principal, specific responsibilities and latitude of independent action will vary, but they will assist in the administration of the school and provide leadership.
  • The Vice Principal will assist in the formulation and implementation of policies, organizational plans, goals and objectives in order to develop and maintain an educationally effective school of excellence. 

Specific Duties 

Assist the Principal in the implementation of school policies, programs, supervision and evaluation of teaching and non-teaching staff. 

Assist the Principal in assigning teachers to special duties, i.e. develop rosters for teacher and staff attendance, for arrival and departure, student’s arrival and departure, cafeteria/lunch time, recess time, salah time, and students’ dismissal time etc.

  • Assist the Principal in leading the schoolwide discipline committee:
    • Develop a schoolwide discipline plan/age appropriate for Elementary, Middle and High school students. 
    • Establish a discipline committee representing the three levels of school 
    • following up with infractions with teachers and students
    • logging and documenting all infractions
    • conducting conferences with respective teachers and parents
    • conducting PDs sessions with teachers regarding discipline and order of the school
    • prepare periodic reports
  • School marketing and promotion
  • Facilities, space and gym management
  • Actively participating and promoting a dynamic athletic program 
  • School maintenance and cleanliness
  • Non-academic staff management: does not include the principal, administration, teachers and/or teacher aides
  • Work with the principal in driving formulation of strategic plans 
  • Alumni management
  • Driving operational excellence in all aspects of the center’s operations
  • Liaison with Masjid operations and management
  • Assume the responsibility of student scheduling at the direction of the Principal.
  • Work with special service personnel and non-school agencies on pupil personnel problems.
  • Meet with teachers, pupils, parents/guardians as needed.
  • Assist the Principal in conducting orientation for incoming students.
  • Attend Board meetings when requested.
  • Be knowledgeable of school goals and programs.
  • Maintain an effective, positive working relationship with staff.
  • Oversee School Marketing and promotion
  • Proactively managing school enrollment with the admissions office
  • Oversee facilities, school maintenance and cleanliness
  • Non-academic staff management: students, assistant teachers and teacher aides
  • Implementing operational recommendations and directions of the School Board
  • Liaison with Masjid operations and management
  • Overseeing school safety and security procedures
  • Working with the Principal on overseeing extracurricular clubs and competitions.
  • Assume any responsibilities delegated by the principal and the Board.

Immediate job opening for Vice Principal. 





Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year

Applications Accepted

Start Date11/25/2020