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Middle/ High School Athletic Director /PE Coach 2020-2021 (100)

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TitleMiddle/ High School Athletic Director /PE Coach 2020-2021
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We are looking for an Athletic director to oversee all aspects of an athletic program, including hiring coaches, scheduling, budget preparation, promotion, compliance, and facility management. So, if you are an organized person who thrives in a position of leadership and enjoys sports, we want you at ISI.


Athletic Director Duties & Responsibilities


Athletic directors' duties vary and may include the following:

  • Providing guidance and direction for ISI’s sports program
  • Preparing budgets and allocating spending on items such as team travel, equipment purchases, and facility upkeep
  • Coordinating with coaches about the scheduling of games and practices
  • Collaborating with conferences and leagues about scheduling issues
  • Speaking with league officials about subjects such as postseason play
  • Determining the time allocated for a field, court, or weight room
  • Working with coaches and perhaps a travel coordinator to plan trips
  • Coordinating officials and umpires at games and budgeting for their pay
  • Filing reports on the status of each team and its successes and shortcomings
  • Mediating any disputes between athletes and coaches or between coaches

You will be asked to work with other school administrators to assure that student-athletes are academically eligible for a given sport.


Education, Training, & Certification

  • High school and middle school levels- Athletic directors need to have a bachelor’s degree in education, physical education, or a related field.Teaching certificate is preferred but not required and two to three years of coaching experience.

Athletic Director Skills & Competencies

  • Leadership: Overseeing the strategic plan for the athletic department and providing motivation and direction
  • Management: Effectively handling and delegating tasks to other team members
  • Organization: Staying current on the various rules and regulations, schedules, budget figures, and information on personnel
  • Interpersonal communication: Manage relationships with coaches, school personnel, and the public.

Athletic directors must learn to run an effective program under budget constraints.


Work Environment

An athletic director works in a school office performing various administrative tasks, as well as away from the office attending fund-raising events and sports practices and games. This position may also require travel to away games.


Work Schedule

Athletic directors primarily work full-time jobs, but hours often include night and weekend games. With this being our first year with an Athletic Director you may be required to teach some PE classes as well.

Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year

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Start Date03/30/2020

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